11.4.2  Interventions during the second stage of labour

  • Use a partograph to monitor and manage labour and prevent prolonged labour (see Study Session 4 of this Module).
  • Encourage the woman to keep her bladder empty.
  • Do not encourage pushing before the cervix is fully dilated.
  • Do not apply fundal pressure (pressing on the top of the uterus) to assist the birth of the baby.
  • Assist the woman in the controlled delivery of the baby’s head and shoulders to prevent tears (see Study Session 3 of this Module). Place the fingers of one hand against the baby’s head to keep it flexed (bent), support the perineum with the other hand, and teach the woman breathing techniques to push or to stop pushing.

11.4.1  Interventions during antenatal care

11.4.3  Interventions during and after the third stage of labour