11.5  Emergency management of postpartum haemorrhage

If the mother begins to bleed excessively after the delivery, you must take action quickly to transport her to the nearest health facility. Postpartum haemorrhage can kill her and many healthcare providers underestimate how much blood a woman loses. If you face such a problem your first action should be to shout for help so the woman’s family or neighbours come to help you take her to the nearest health facility (Figure 11.4).

A health worker advises the pregnant woman’s family that they can’t wait any longer and should go to the hospital. A man is carrying the pregnant woman.
Figure 11.4  Do not delay in referring a woman with postpartum haemorrhage.

11.4.3  Interventions during and after the third stage of labour

11.5.1  Uterotonic drugs and IV fluids to manage atonic PPH