11.5.3  Emergency management for traumatic PPH

Try to slow the bleeding from an injury (e.g. a tear in the perineum or vagina) by applying pressure over the source of the haemorrhage. Roll up 10 to 15 pieces of sterile gauze or a small, sterile cloth into a thick pad and push it firmly against the bleeding part of the tear. Hold it there for 10 minutes. Carefully remove the gauze and check for bleeding. If the tear is still bleeding, press the gauze against the source of the haemorrhage again and take the woman to the nearest health facility. Do not stop pressing on the tear until you get to there. If the woman has a long or deep tear, even if it is not bleeding much, take her to a health facility where it can be repaired.

11.5.2  Use two-handed pressure on the uterus

11.6  A checklist for emergency referral