3.3 Understanding children’s needs

Activity 3.1: Parents’ hopes and aspirations for their children

Before starting this study session, imagine a baby has just been born in your family. Think about the hopes and aspirations the parents will have for that baby. If you are studying this session with others, discuss in a group and come up with a list of five things you think would be important. See if you can agree on the five most significant.

If you are studying alone, ask your family, friends and colleagues, and try and come up with five suggestions.

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Some of the following ideas may have come up in your discussions. Parents may want their child to:

  • be born healthy
  • be free of illness and disease
  • be happy
  • be responsible
  • show self-discipline
  • develop normally
  • be hard-working
  • succeed at school
  • care for their family
  • be obedient.

We will come back to this activity at the end of the session.

3.2 Learning outcomes

What is a need?