4 Answers to self-assessment questions

Study Session 1

Question 1.1

Legally a child is anyone under the age of 18. This is specified in national law and international agreements, but different communities do have different views on when someone is a child or someone is an adult.

Question 1.2

There is no universal understanding of childhood but there are some common themes. Three discussed in this study session were: dependency, vulnerability and resilience.

Question 1.3

Health practitioners need to understand there are many views on what a child is and what childhood should be like other than their own. Also practitioners, if they are going to support the needs and rights of children, need to be prepared to see what might be harmful to a child even if it is something that is commonly accepted as being part of childhood and part of their culture.

Which bit of your study this week has made you question your views of children or childhood? Share this with a colleague. Continuing to think about and question your views will be important through all the modules.

3.7 Self-assessment questions

Study Session 2