Activity 3.5: Accessing care during pregnancy

  1. Insufficient measures were taken to try to reduce infant and mother mortality. The life of the mother and the baby were at real risk in this situation. The mother did not have access to primary health care in her local village. It seems she lacked prenatal care, and the availability of services was seriously inadequate.
  2. If pregnant women are to get the best possible care, there needs to be effective provision at the community level to provide her with an early diagnosis. Measures need to be in place to provide transport for women who need medical treatment in more complex circumstances. This method of transport should be reliable and properly maintained.

    The mother needs information about her condition, when and where to go for help, and someone at the local level who is able to advise her. The local health workers should be trained to provide supportive and comprehensive prenatal care. They should be able to identify possible risks, and be alert to the need for additional medical treatment and advice.

Activity 3.4: Health in the wider environment

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