1.15 Answers to activities

Activity 1.2: Role play demonstrating a lack of child participation

  1. The problem for the child in this scenario is that she has no idea what is happening and why. No-one has bothered to explain to her what is the matter with her and what treatment is necessary to help her to get well.
  2. If you were the health worker, you could explain to the child that she is ill, what is the matter with her and how having the injection will help her recover. You could give her reassurance about having the injection, for example, you could ask her if it would help if she sits on her parent’s lap and holds their hand. You could explain where you will give the injection and how she will feel afterwards. This way, she may be less frightened. Having an injection may be less painful and distressing if the child has a little more control over how it is delivered and is comforted and supported. You might also involve the parents, explaining to them why it is important to reassure the child and listen to their concerns.

1.14 Self-assessment questions

2 Best interests of the child and non-discrimination