Example of child protection standards

The following standards are adapted from: Keeping Children Safe: A Toolkit for Child Protection, Keeping Children Safe, 2011.

In our health facility we will ensure that we:

Standard 1 Have a written policy on keeping children safe.

Standard 2 Have clear procedures for putting the policy into practice.

Standard 3 Do everything we can to prevent harm to children.

Standard 4 Follow the written guidelines on how we behave towards children.

Standard 5 Meet the standards in allocations where we work.

Standard 6 Protect children equally, regardless of any differences they have.

Standard 7 Actively communicate ‘Keep Children Safe’ message.

Standard 8 Educate and train our staff on child protection.

Standard 9 Provide children with access to advice and support.

Standard 10 Monitor the implementation of these standards.

Standard 11 Promote these standards with the partners we work with.

What are the advantages of implementing child protection standards?

4.7 A children’s charter