Ten characteristics of a good action plan

There are different views on what a good action plan should look like. It can depend on the scale and complexity of the change to be achieved. However, the following characteristics are important in all action plans.

  1. There is a single, clearly defined, objective.
  2. The timescales are realistic.
  3. The plan is informed by the past, but focused on the future.
  4. The plan takes into account external factors and constraints.
  5. The tasks in the plan all contribute to the same objective.
  6. The plan does not include anything unnecessary for the achievement of the objective.
  7. The plan is sufficiently detailed for its purpose.
  8. Responsibility for who does what is completely clear.
  9. The measures in the plan are clearly aligned to success.
  10. The plan is revisited and updated at appropriate intervals.

Looking back at the action plan you created, apart from the final characteristic which involves updating the plan, how many of these characteristics does your plan meet?

1.4 Creating an action plan

1.5 Involving children and others