2.1 Introduction

As a health worker who understands children’s rights, you are in a unique position to understand children’s experiences and to respond appropriately. You will do this every day at an individual level, however, you may not have a complete picture of many of the key issues and challenges, and your ability to influence change will be limited by this. Monitoring and evaluation are tools that can help you gain a more detailed picture. You can identify patterns, and understand which challenges are common and what kinds of actions are effective. This follows on from your work in Study Session 1 on planning as once you have implemented a plan you need to know if it is working or not, and the skills of monitoring and evaluating will help you do this.

In this study session you will learn what monitoring and evaluation are and how they can be used to advance children’s rights. You will appreciate the importance of involving children in monitoring and evaluation and you will develop skills to enhance monitoring and evaluation in your practice.

2 Monitoring and evaluation in your practice

2.2 Learning outcomes