Study session 2

Question 2.1

Your plan should have had a clear measure of success in terms of increasing the number of birth registrations. Through monitoring you will have found out the numbers of registrations before you started and then carefully kept track of the number after your plan had been put in place. Monitoring will give you a clear measure of whether the numbers are going up. If you set a specific indicator, for example a 10% increase then monitoring will show you if this has been achieved.

Question 2.2

In the study session evaluation is defined as a structured assessment of the extent to which activities that have been undertaken have resulted in achieving a desired change. This may also include an assessment of the factors that led to success or failure of a particular project or activity.

Questions 2.3

There are lots of reasons why it is important to involve children in monitoring and evaluation. Your answer could have included:

  • You will be promoting children’s rights to participation and having their voice heard.
  • Children can feel more respected and empowered.
  • Children can provide a valuable source of information about their own needs and experiences that no-one else knows.

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