2.6 Defining the affiliated guide role

Activity 4

Timing: (allow 30 minutes)
  1. Using the skills and competencies required of an affiliated guide as a starting point, draw up a table of five tasks that the role involves and five tasks that it does not involve.

    Table 3 shows some examples to get you started.

Table 3 Affiliated guide tasks

What the affiliated guide role does involve What the affiliated guide role does not involve
Supporting the course facilitators Teaching
Maintaining a friendly and supportive online presence Policing any disputes that arise
  1. Create a message to learners to explain the nature of your role and setting boundaries about what that role does and does not involve.
  2. You may wish to update your learning log with reflections on what you need to tell learners about the role and how you will manage your time.

2.5 Managing the role

3 Encouraging an online conversation