2.6. Market Transformation Programme (defra)

The Market Transformation Programme provides core support for organisations coming under the UK Government Framework for Sustainable Consumption Production (Depart for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, defra). It is an outcome of the ‘Securing the Future – UK Government Sustainable Development Strategy’. It is consensus-based working with industry, trade bodies and others involved in designing and implementing policies and in measuring the environmental impact of products. Its particular focus is on the role of products and the avoidable impacts through choices such as:

  • What do they consume?
  • How much do they use?
  • And how are they disposed of?

This approach covers such items as UK product info, energy consumption, lifecycle and domestic appliances. Working with the stakeholders it sets effective standards in areas such as product life-cycles, in order to create an environment where innovation and eco-design is not stifled but stimulated.

Thinking question 3

Where does the rush to set up the World’s manufacturing in Asia fit in to all this?

  • Good thing: Provides work and income to the developing World?
  • Bad Thing: Exploits lowly paid, abundant and expendable work force?


2.7. British Executive Service Overseas (BESO)