Finding relevant examples and generating ideas 

Building on the activities in the previous part of the course, you will now need to clarify your own ideas as to how you might use blogs in your own context. Your task is to search on the internet and to locate relevant blogs and/or case studies that will help you with planning your own classroom blog.

Activity 7 Finding relevant examples

Timing: 1 hour (online) during weeks two and three of the course

The objectives of this course activity are to:

  • find other uses of blogs in learning and teaching that match your interests
  • develop your ideas as to how you might use blogs in your own teaching and learning context.

There are numerous examples of educational blogs (of varying quality) available online but if you want to narrow down your search then visit Edublog Awards [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] . Click on the link to see the most recent winners.

What's this case study about? Why visit the site and what to look for?

Writing for an audience using blogs

This Becta (2009b) ‘Curriculum’ case study explores ways of using ICT in English. The five steps in getting a student group started with blogging is particularly useful.
Building Blogs (10.9 mins). This programme on the Next Generation Learning site follows a year 9 class at Acton High School who work collaboratively to develop their own blog. Students work in editorial teams and produce an 'newzine' targeted at their peers. Writing for an audience is a key focus.
Blogs and Online learning (13.45 mins). This programme looks at the use of blogs and online collaboration in Bury Church Secondary. Teachers discover how and why they should make good use of blogs.

If you cannot find anything suitable you may need to ask for guidance in the forum.

If you know of other examples please add them to the Vital Blog. Ask for help in the forum if you are unsure how to do this.


Further reading (optional activity)

The National Association for Teaching English have included some useful links to articles about the use of blogs within the English curriculum. Topics include (right click to save.):

Exploring classroom blogs 

Planning to use a blog