Course schedule

WeekCourse Activities TypeApprox time needed
1Activity 1 Getting to know others on the courseOnline 45 minutes
Activity 2 What are blogs and why use them?Online45 minutes
Activity 3 Blogs and e-safetyOnline45 minutes
Activity 4 Caring about copyrightOnline45 minutes
1-2Activity 5 Online field tripOnline2 hours
Activity 6 Using other Web 2.0 technologies with blogsOnline30 minutes
2-3Activity 7 Finding relevant examplesOnline1 hour
Activity 8 How might you use blogs?Online/workplace2 hours
Activity 9 Selecting a blog toolOnline1 hour
4-7Activity 10 Setting up your classroom blogWorkplace1 hour
Activity 11 Using the blog with your studentsWorkplace5 hours
8Activity 12 Reflecting and reporting backOnline/workplace2 hours
Activity 13 TDA Professional StandardsOnline30 minutes
Activity 14 Extracting our shared learningOnline1 hour
Activity 15 Course evaluation and certificationOnline1 hour
Total20 hours