The course takes a reflective practice model to look at how blogs allow for individual and shared reflection online. You will be introduced to some theory and practice of how blogs are used in schools, plan for their use in your school and reflect and discuss their use in learning and teaching

The course begins by looking at existing blogs with an emphasis on those used in educational contexts.

You will discuss the issues raised by the use of blogs in terms of e-safety and learning and teaching.

The course will provide guidance on creating and using blogs and you will set up your own and trial it with some students, either using a blog on your school’s learning platform or, if this is not available, on one of the free online blog services.

Throughout the course, and especially after you have used your blog [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] with pupils, you will share experiences with other participants.

The reflective cycle

Vital courses are based on a cycle of professional reflective practice as shown in the diagram below.

This cycle draws on, and develops, personal and professional knowledge bases. The latter may be seen in the literature, resources, policies and other materials that are used to inform practice.

Throughout the course small icons will indicate the stage of the cycle being addressed.

NB Prof/Pers KB = Professional/Personal knowledge base

Introducing ourselves through a blog