This course demonstrates how to use the e-skills teaching and learning resources to deliver the Diploma in IT multimedia unit to higher level students in 60 guided learning hours. Examples of how to use this resource with local employer engagement will be suggested.

The course materials are arranged in three sections:

  • preparation for the face-to-face session
  • information about the face-to-face session
  • following the face-to-face session.

The reflective cycle

Vital courses are based on a cycle of professional reflective practice as shown in the diagram below.

This cycle draws on, and develops, personal and professional knowledge bases. The latter may be seen in the literature, resources, policies and other materials that are used to inform practice.

Throughout the course small icons will indicate the stage of the cycle being addressed.

NB Prof/Pers KB = Professional/Personal knowledge base.

Preparation for the face-to-face session