Following the face-to-face session

Contacting participants

Activity 4 Posting a message in the forum

Timing: 30 minutes in the days following the face-to-face session

The objective of this course activity is to make contact with participants of the face-to-face session and have opportunity to share ideas emerging from the course so far.

The course forum is available to all participants in the course after the end of the two hour facilitated session.

Go to the forum and post a message to the other participants. You may wish to reflect on the course so far, or post some ideas about how you feel the multimedia learning journey can be used in your delivery plans for the Diploma.

Working with learners

Activity 5 Working with learners on the client brief for the multimedia product

Timing: 3 hours minimum

The objective of this course activity is to have the opportunity to work with learners on the interpretation of a client brief and align this with project planning and the website specification.

The first nugget of learning on both multimedia projects looks at the client brief and how a project is initiated. Using either the client brief from this nugget, or with one that has come from a local employer, work with a group of learners to generate a set of requirements that will inform the development of a project plan. Work with the learners to identify missing information from the brief so as to reinforce the message of how important it is to be able to communicate with a client to ensure the product they are intending to create is the same as the one the client wants.

Work through the other activities in the nugget with your group of learners. These will include research activities and making notes.

Information about the face-to-face session

Shared learning