Following the face-to-face session

The post-course activities will build on the content covered in the face-to-face session and give you an opportunity to post messages to other course participants in the course forum.

Activity 3 Reflecting on the course so far by posting in the forum

Timing: 30 minutes in the days following the face-to-face session

The objectives of this course activity are to:

  • make contact with participants of the face-to-face session
  • share ideas emerging from the course so far.

The course forum is available to all participants of the course after the end of the two hour facilitated session. Go to the forum and post a message to the other participants. Reflect on the course so far, or post some ideas that have emerged from your experience of seeing blog examples and thinking about what sort of blog you might create for your learners. If you have found any good examples of blogs that others on the course might find interesting, you can include the URL in a message.

Activity 4 Creating your own blog for personal or classroom use

Timing: 1 hour in the days following the face-to-face session

The objective of this course activity is to use one of the demonstrated blogging software providers to create your own blog for personal use or for use with your learners.

You will have seen examples of blogging software that is freely available for your use at the face-to-face session. Choose one of these and create your own blog. You may want to create your own personal blog as a trial, rather than focus on something that learners can contribute to. Or you may have plans for an activity in your existing scheme of work that could include a blog as an additional resource. You will be able to continue to build on your blog after the course, but for the purpose of completion of the course, create a simple blog, add text or images or links and visit the forum to post a message about your experiences using your chosen software. Share the URL for your blog with your fellow forum participants and ask for feedback.

The face-to-face session

Shared learning