4 Revise or reframe a problem to make it manageable and solvable

In the process of revising or reframing your problem definition, you have identified who the problem is a problem for, or who it most affects. These individuals, or groups, will be the beneficiaries if a resolution to the problem is found. Revising or reframing your problem definition will also have been useful in outlining the extent of the problem; discovering what is part of the problem and what is not. This is likely to make the problem more ready for resolution.

Activity 4

Timing: Allow around 20 minutes for this activity

Beyond defining and perhaps resolving the problem, can you think of any other benefits that the Problem Definition Tool might bring? Make some notes in answer to this question in the text box below.

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Using the Problem Definition Tool can unite stakeholders around a shared understanding of the problem. It can bring people together so that they feel involved and valued, and it can release resources to resolve the problem. This is shown in Figure 5 below.

Three circles overlapping each other. The centre of the circles says "Problem definition". The top circle says "Rally stakeholders around a shared understanding of the problem". The circle in the bottom right says "Release resources to resolve the problem" and the circle on the bottom left says "Bring people together to feel involved and valued".
Figure 5: The added benefits of the Problem Definition Tool

3 Complete a problem definition of your own