3 Applying the Evidence Planning Tool

In the examples given previously, you may have recognised that the impact of a project can be felt at different levels; for example:

  • global
  • societal
  • community
  • organisational
  • business
  • individual.

For the Evidence Planning Tool to be thorough, you will need to consider the effect that your work could have at each of these levels for each quadrant. Table 2 below gives a checklist to ensure your thinking is as wide as it can be.

Table 2 Checking the impact of your work
Check for impact on:By asking:
The wider worldWhat impact will it have on the global market, the environment, society?
A particular field or area of interestWhat impact will it have on a particular sector or practice?
The beneficiariesWhat impacts will it have on beneficiaries, consumers, user groups, employees or the community?
Your workWhat impact will it have on your work/life?

2.2 Case study: using the tool

3.1 Case study: fruit in West Africa