Succeeding in a small business


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Figure 1  Charting success

Welcome to the Starting your small business course where you will look at what it takes to make a business succeed. This section will take approximately three hours to complete.

Once completed you will have the opportunity to obtain the ‘Succeeding in a small business’ badge. In this section, you will:

  • look at what success means
  • look at why businesses fail
  • explore some common things in successful businesses
  • apply these ideas to real life situations
  • establish some ideas that can help your business succeed.

To help you along the way, there are a number of activities where you reflect on what you have been learning within this section, and how you can apply these new skills and knowledge in practice.


You can download these files for use offline or on a mobile device.

The materials below are provided for offline use for your convenience and are not tracked. If you wish to save your progress, please go through the online version.

Learning outcomes