This course was developed as part of the Opening Educational Practices in Scotland (OEPS) project [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] funded by the Scottish Funding Council, which supports and builds best practice in open education in the Scottish HE, colleges and third sectors.

Course team

Andrew Law (Contributor)

Anna Page (Author)

Bea de Los Arcos (Author)

Beck Pitt (Lead Author)

Maggie Nguyen (Contributor)

Patrina Law (Contributor)

Pete Cannell (Author)

Ronald Macintyre (Author)

Rosemarie McIlwhan (Author)

Course production

Julie Hopkins (Editor)

A first draft of the course was made openly available for community review in November 2015 and a second draft of the course was critically reviewed in April 2016. We would like to thank the following community reviewers and critical readers for their feedback and contributions which helped to shape the course:

Critical readers and community reviewers:

Celeste McLaughlin (Critical reader)

Frank Rennie (Critical reader)

John Casey (Community reviewer)

Penny Bentley (Community reviewer)

Stephanie Farley (Community reviewer)

We would also like to thank the Scottish Funding Council for its support.

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