4.6 If you want to know more ...

Each If you want to know more … section of the course thematically presents additional material and resources on the topics for that section of the course.

Understanding open practices and open educational resources

Watch these two videos, produced by the Orange Grove Repository, which explain how to find and remix OER: ‘Creating OER and combining licenses – full’ [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] (part one) and ‘Creating OER and combining licenses part 2’ (part two). Part two of the video in particular takes a look at more ‘restrictive’ licences such as the non-derivative licence (ND), which does not allow remixing of material.

Here are a range of resources that explore some of the best practices, issues and challenges concerning the creation and remixing of OER around the world:

Using, reusing and remixing open educational resources

Here are some resources to help answer questions you might have about openly licensing your own material:

Here are some resources to help you remix differently open licensed resources:

  • Some OER repositories provide users with the ability to remix material directly on their platform, for example ‘Creating a remix on OER Commons’.
  • The Open Education Handbook lists a range of tools that you could use to remix OER, including repositories such as OpenStax CNX, see ‘Editor tools for building and remixing OERs’.
  • Test your understanding of different licence combinations and play David Wiley’s OER Remix Game
  • Although written for the New Zealand context, this Digital New Zealand Mix and Mash guide is a great resource and contains information on the history of remix and copyright, why acknowledging your sources matters, ways to discuss remix with your students, places to look for different types of OER and how to remix photos and create infographics. Read more about the background to this document and check out lesson plans for teaching CC to students in ‘Copyright, Creative Commons & mix & mash: lesson plan’
  • The STEM OER Guidance Wiki brings together a range of documents regarding the creation, use and sharing of OER from HEA/Jisc OER projects. 

Further resources and articles you might want to explore:

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4.5 How can I share my resources with others?