3 Planning for assessment

The Excel workbook ICT national programme [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)]   is a mapping tool that combines the four key areas from Resource 1, ICT level descriptors from Resource 2 and the statement of statutory yearly ICT learning objectives. The latter can be viewed online or in the document The framework for secondary ICT.


Choose one class from Years 7–9. Using the Excel file, match tasks from your current schemes of work against the yearly learning objectives in column C. From the drop-down menu in column I select the level descriptor that best matches the difficulty of the task.

How might you move your students to the next level?

Consider the type of activity that students would need to engage in to meet the next learning objective in the sub-strand or across the years. How does this affect your planning for assessment for future cohorts?

From the drop-down menus in columns E–H select the menu options that best fit the task and level descriptor. This will assist in developing your understanding of how the four areas contribute towards the evidence base of your assessment.

4 Progression in assessment