The project

Having developed your plan on how to use the supporting resources in your classroom you now need to carry out the project. This will last for about half a term. Each week, as you work through the project, you should reflect on what you have learnt and the impact it is having on learners. You should be prepared to share your thoughts and reflections with others.

Activity 6 Classroom project

To be carried out during weeks 3 to 7 (half a term of classroom activity)

The objective of this course activity is to carry out your plan for the use of the resources and technology in your classroom. It is not intended that, in doing so, you spend any extra time over and above your normal teaching and preparation time.

Activity 7 Reflective journal

30 minutes to 1 hour during each week of the project (individual activity)

The objective of this course activity is to reflect systematically on what you have learnt.

Each week you should note down what you have learnt from the project. This might take the form of reflection on your plans in Activities 3 and 4. These reflections may be kept in a blog or some other electronic journal. You will need to use these reflections to inform Activities 8 and 9.

Activity 8 Keeping in touch with your cohort and facilitator

30 minutes to 1 hour during each week of the project (online)

The objectives of this course activity are

  • to share your learning as the project progresses
  • to gain support from colleagues on the course
  • provide support for others in the cohort.

Each week you will receive a message from your facilitator to support your progress through the course and project.

Go to the course forum and to the thread ‘Project discussions’. Share how your project is going, what you are learning and any other resources that you have found to be of use. Respond to the message sent by your facilitator.

You can also use the forum to ask for support and guidance and to support and guide others. You should check back into the forum regularly – little and often is probably the best method here (15 minutes every other day is likely to be much more useful than a one hour block once a week).

Using the course resources in your project

Reflect, evaluate and share with others