TESSA Research Theme 3: Teacher education and professional development

Teacher education is complex and in many countries is under review. How can optimal teacher learning be facilitated? This theme explores how pedagogic change can be supported at all levels of the system so that teacher education is more relevant to the needs of teachers.

Papers, presentations and publications

Training teachers for inclusive education. Amivi-Cra Komlam and Michele Deane

Stutchbury, Kris (2014).  In pursuit of quality: the challenges and opportunities for teacher education.  In: AFTRA, 2014, Jul 2014, Accra, Ghana.

Femmes et TIC en Afrique Michèle Deane

New modes of communication technologies and the reform of open and distance learning programmes: A response to the global crisis in teacher education and training  Frank Banks, Bob Moon and Freda Wolfenden, 2009 

Building new modes of teacher education: research analysis for the Teacher in Education in Sub Saharan Africa programme Freda Wolfenden, 2008 

The role of new communication technologies and distance education in responding to the global crisis in teacher supply and training: an analysis of the research and development experience  Bob Moon

Promoting gender inclusion in a distance learning course to increase female recruitment to teaching  Freda Wolfenden and Patricia Murphy, 2013

Reconsidering the evidence base, considering the rural: aiming for a better understanding of the education and training needs of Sub-Saharan African teachers  Alison Buckler, 2011

Every child needs a teacher: The primary teacher supply and training crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa  Bob Moon and Brendan O’Malley, 2008

Conceptualising a research agenda: Teachers and the development of rural communities Bob Moon and Alison Buckler, 2007

We’re improving the quality of teaching”: conceptualising ‘quality’ and ‘change’ using lessons from a current TESSA project - Open Research Online
Supporting Professional Development Through MOOCs: the TESSA Experience - Open Research Online
Teacher Educators as Agents of Change? A Critical Realist Study of a Group of Teacher Educators in a Kenyan University - Open Research Online
Critical realism: an explanatory framework for small-scale qualitative studies or an ‘unhelpful edifice’? - Open Research Online
Mediated Authentic Video: A Flexible Tool Supporting a Developmental Approach to Teacher Education - Open Research Online
What Prevents Teacher Educators from Accessing Professional Development OER? Storytelling and Professional Identity in Ugandan Teacher Colleges - Open Research Online

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