TESSA Research Theme 4: OER to support change in education

How are Open Educational Resources produced, contextualised and used? TESSA as OER: The collaborative creation, development and use of OERs in teacher education.

OERs and partnership are at the heart of TESSA activity. Studies relating to this theme explore, compare and analyse how the TESSA OERs are created, adapted and implemented across the network.

Papers, presentations and publications 

Buidling an annual TESSA OER forum for continuous improvement competency of ‘a classroom teacher’: The Uganda chapter. (Word document49.5 KB) Juliana Bbuye
Improving the learning of science in secondary schools in Kenya using TESSA science OERS (Word 2007 document42.4 KB) .Patricia Wambugu and Fred Keraro
Science teaching and learning using TESSA material – an experience from the implementation in Tanzanian context (Word document59.0 KB) .Simon Shaya and Francis William
Adapting OERs for professional communities: The Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa experience Freda Wolfenden and Alison Buckler, 2012 
Harnessing OERs for professional development programmes: The case of the TESSA materials in the use of the Diploma in Primary Teacher Education of OUT  (Word document105.5 KB)  Cornelia Muganda, 2011
Wolfenden, FredaBuckler, Alison and Keraro, Fred (2012).  OER Adaptation and Reuse across cultural contexts in Sub Saharan Africa: Lessons from TESSA (Teacher Education in Sub Saharan Africa).  Journal of Interactive Media in Education p. 16.
Harnessing open educational resources to the challenges of teacher education in Sub-Saharan Africa Jayshree Thakrar, Freda Wolfenden and Denise Zinn, 2009
The TESSA OER Experience: Building sustainable models of production and user implementation Freda Wolfenden, 2008
OERs in Sub-Saharan Africa – an appropriate response to the challenge of Education for All? The TESSA experience in Zambia  Gareth Dart, 2011
Capturing changes in Sudanese teachers’ practice using reflective photography  Freda Wolfenden and Alison Buckler, 2011 
Using OERs to improve teacher quality: emerging findings from TESSA  Freda Wolfenden, Abdurrahman Umar, Jessica Aguti and Amani Abdel Gafar, 2010
Cullen, Jane; Keraro, Fred and Wamutitu, Joseph (2012).  Leadership support for school-based professional development for primary school teachers: the use of TESSA OERs in schools in Kenya.  In: 56th Year Book on Teacher Education, International Council on Education for Teaching, pp. 170–182.
The context of using TESSA OERs in Egerton University's teacher education programmes (PDF document97.8 KB)   Joseph M. Wamutitu, Fred N. Keraro, Johnson M. Changeiywo and Jane Cullen, 2011
Teacher educators and OER in East Africa: Interrogating pedagogic change - Open Research Online

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