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Leslie Budd on... sponsorship

Updated Thursday 23rd September 2010

Is sponsorship part of being a good corporate citizen or simply part of a marketing strategy? Leslie Budd discusses


Copyright open university


Copyright open university


All around the world public events and sporting events are sponsored by large companies.  Is it part of being a good corporate citizen, or is sponsorship part of a general marketing strategy?  For many literary competitions, the name of these companies lives on far after we’ve all forgotten the names of the prize winners.  Sponsorship is also part of our branding culture and may be important to the employees of certain companies.  The problem often is that sponsorship is seen as nice to have during upturns in the business cycle but decreases during the downturn.  The bottom line is that being a good corporate citizen and undertaking sponsorship should be core to the activities of companies and not just nice to have if they wish to sustain their businesses in the longer term.  

That’s my view.  You can join the debate with The Open University.


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