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Johanna Wadsley's diary

Johanna Wadsley from Hugging The Coast discusses her interest in environmental issues.

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Bill McKibben - Stories of Change

Bill McKibben, founder of the grassroots climate campaign and the Schumann Distinguished Professor in Residence at Middlebury College in Vermon is interviewed by Roger Harrabin for Stories of Change.

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What is biodiversity and why does it matter? How can everyday observations and online databases help to increase our knowledge about the diversity of species? On this album, Jonathan Silvertown, Professor of Ecology at The Open University, presents a guided tour of iSpot, a nature website that gives anybody and everybody a chance to share their observations and learn more about wildlife. In the audio track, Professor Silvertown describes his work in South Africa, protecting the delicate ecosystem of a unique heath-land habitat called 'fynbos'.

15 mins
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Microbes – friend or foe?

Microbes often get a bad name. Whilst some of them do cause disease, others play vital roles in recycling nutrients in the soil to enable plants to grow, and in breaking down human waste. Without microbes, we would have no beer, no yoghurt, no coffee. That's quite impressive for something too small to see. This free course, Microbes friend or foe? sheds some light on them.

Free course
2 hrs
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In your garden: Birds and nesting boxes article icon

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In your garden: Birds and nesting boxes

Vicky Johnson explores why birds need nesting boxes and how you can create one to help the birds in your garden.

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What’s it like being a geologist?

Watch an interview with geologist Charlie King, as she discusses technology advances, the highlight of her degree course and how more women are getting into geology.