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Global warming free course icon Level

Nature & Environment 

Global warming

This free course provides an introduction to global warming. We will be considering the history of global warming by looking at the pattern of ice ages and analysis of recorded temperatures. We will aim to gather meaningful information from this data. We will briefly ------ the impact and influence of humans on global warming and, finally, we will examine climate models and how to predict future changes.

Free course
5 hrs
Energy in buildings free course icon Level

Nature & Environment 

Energy in buildings

Themes covered in this free course, Energy in buildings, include reducing heating demand in buildings, heating systems and fuel emissions, and reducing electricity use by appliances. The course looks at the importance of energy in buildings in the UK, investigate heat loss and how to prevent it, ways of increasing building efficiency, decreasing CO2 emissions of different fuels and the use of efficient appliances.

Free course
10 hrs
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Neighbourhood nature free course icon Level

Nature & Environment 

Neighbourhood nature

There is a fascinating world of nature all around us which we can see if we know how to look for it. Wherever you live, be it in a city or the countryside, you will find areas that support a range of wildlife. This free course, Neighbourhood nature, will provide you with basic scientific and observational skills so that you can go into your local neighbourhood to discover the animals and plants in open spaces. You will learn how to observe, identify and record the wildlife around you, building up a picture of a small part of your local environment.

Free course
1 hr
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Microbes – friend or foe? free course icon Level

Nature & Environment 

Microbes – friend or foe?

Microbes often get a bad name. Whilst some of them do cause disease, others play vital roles in recycling nutrients in the soil to enable plants to grow, and in breaking down human waste. Without microbes, we would have no beer, no yoghurt, no coffee. That's quite impressive for something too small to see. This free course, Microbes friend or foe? sheds some light on them.

Free course
2 hrs
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In your garden: Birds and nesting boxes article icon

Nature & Environment 

In your garden: Birds and nesting boxes

Vicky Johnson explores why birds need nesting boxes and how you can create one to help the birds in your garden.

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TV, Radio & Events 

This Fishing Life

Follow the fortunes of Cornish fishermen, fighting to secure a future for their traditional way of life.

TV Programme