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Investment risk

Risk, in a financial context, is a synonym for uncertainty. This free course will allow those with some background knowledge of the area to explore investment risk. You will examine how and why investors are risk-averse and look at the risk factors involved in making a decision to invest.

Free course
6 hrs
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Developing career resilience

This free course, Developing career resilience, will help you to understand the factors that influence career resilience and offer examples and tactics for you to develop your own resilience further.

Free course
24 hrs
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Soft skills training

Learn to recognise the importance of soft skills and how you can improve skills in yourself and your organisation, with free courses from OpenLearn, endorsed by Google.

Using data to aid organisational change free course icon Level

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Using data to aid organisational change

This free course explores how to use data to inform a change you would like to make within your business or organisational context. It looks at the type of evidence you can gather to inform your proposed change, and how to evaluate data with a view to using it as part of this transformation. Specifically, you will learn about internal and external sources of secondary information and how to evaluate them. You will also examine how to negotiate access to different types of information in a work context. Finally, you will obtain hands on experience in collecting and using secondary sources of information in the context of researching and making this organisational change. Transcript

Free course
10 hrs
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Business support for small and medium-sized enterprises

Many Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are facing their toughest challenges to date due to Covid-19. With lives and livelihoods affected, many organisations are trying to reimagine the future. Studying our free business courses and interactives will help improve your skills and knowledge in business fundamentals, with additional courses tailored to the unique challenges the voluntary sector faces.

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The Bottom Line 2021

Evan Davis hosts the business conversation show with people at the top giving insight into what matters.

Radio Programme