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How to learn a language

Learn about the concepts and skills required to learn languages successfully. This free course, How to learn a language, introduces the skills and strategies for language learning, setting realistic goals when learning languages and keeping motivated, practise speaking skills and vocabulary learning strategies. It will enable you to evaluate resources and create a virtual immersion environment.

Free course
24 hrs
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Translation as a career

This free course explores translation as a career. During the course you will meet professional translators discussing their work and reflect on what they say. You will ------ your own language level and find out how translators maintain their language skills. You will also engage in a short translation activity.

Free course
4 hrs
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Beginners' Chinese

Learn about Mandarin Chinese as a tool for communication and gain insights into Chinese society and culture. This free course, Beginners’ Chinese, provides a brief introduction to the Chinese language, its scripts and sounds, and how words are formed. You will hear short conversations where people greet each other, introduce themselves, describe where they come from and what they do for a living. You’ll hear them talk about their daily activities and order food and drinks in a restaurant. This OpenLearn course will be easily accessible for those with some basic knowledge of Chinese.

Free course
6 hrs
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Business English: Presenting the decision free course icon Level 2 icon


Business English: Presenting the decision

Do you want to relocate to the UK? This free course, Business English: Presenting the decision, will help you with the language difficulties that can ----- while providing assistance with the practicalities of moving your company and relocating its employees. You will also learn how other companies have approached this task.

Free course
5 hrs
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European Day of Languages

Happy European Day of Languages! Find out more about why we should celebrate language learning.

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Teaching a robot how to speak

Language is a defining feature of human interaction, and programmers have been gradually developing this capability in robots. But even with the vast progress made in artificial intelligence, is it really possible for robots to learn language? Watch the video below to learn more.  

10 mins