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Everyday English 1

This free course, Everyday English 1, will develop and improve your essential speaking and listening, reading and writing skills for work, study and everyday life.

Free course
48 hrs
Translation as a career free course icon Level


Translation as a career

This free course explores translation as a career. During the course you will meet professional translators discussing their work and reflect on what they say. You will ------ your own language level and find out how translators maintain their language skills. You will also engage in a short translation activity.

Free course
4 hrs
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Beginners’ Spanish: Getting around free course icon Level


Beginners’ Spanish: Getting around

Do you want to improve your language skills and communicate more easily and effectively in Spanish? This free course, Beginners’ Spanish: Getting around, concentrates on Spanish as a tool for communication, but it also provides some insights into Hispanic societies and cultures through authentic printed and audio materials. This OpenLearn course focuses on public spaces and how to get by in a Hispanic city.

Free course
20 hrs
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Getting started with Chinese 2 free course icon Level


Getting started with Chinese 2

Have you always wanted to speak Chinese? Have you even started learning a few basic words and expressions? If so, this course will give you more essentials of reading, writing, speaking and listening through a variety of online activities. A perfect online short course to develop further the skills needed to speak and understand simple Chinese in everyday contexts! This OpenLearn course is an extract from the Open Centre for Languages and Cultures short course, LXC002 Beginners Chinese 2: 开始吧 kāishĭ ba! After completing this free course, you may wish to register for the full course to continue your learning!

Free course
8 hrs
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Year of the Ox: Chinese New Year article icon


Year of the Ox: Chinese New Year

牛年快乐 ! Niú nián kuàilè! Happy Year of the Ox. Why not learn how to write and pronounce basic Chinese words to celebrate Chinese New Year?

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