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What is politics?

This free course, What is politics?, introduces you to the world of politics. It is dedicated primarily to answering the question of what politics is. Although the question might seem rather simple, it elicits various, often contradictory responses. As you will realise, in politics as in much of the humanities and social sciences definitive answers are difficult to come by. What politics is and equally, who does it, and where it is done are hotly debated and highly contested. This OpenLearn course will introduce you to some of these debates, and their implications for the study and practice of politics.

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15 hrs
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Legal skills and debates in Scotland

This free course, Legal skills and debates in Scotland, considers how laws are interpreted and applied. It looks at legislation, court judgments, argument, judicial reasoning and rights. It also explores the relationship between society’s values and the laws which it supports and how policy and rights influence development of law.

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24 hrs
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57 genders (and none for me?) - Part two article icon

Society, Politics & Law 

57 genders (and none for me?) - Part two

Meg Barker points to some of the problems with Facebook's new range of gender options.

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Understanding devolution in Wales

This free course charts the transformation of the Welsh devolution settlement in the 20 years following the referendum on devolution in 1997. You will consider how an Assembly with minimal public support and limited law-making powers became a Parliament with the power to set taxes. You will explore some of the biggest challenges facing politics in Wales today, from debates over the size of the Senedd and lack of scrutiny to questions of funding fairness and judicial independence. Using video, audio and interactive elements, this course brings the debates dominating Welsh politics to life.

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12 hrs
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Welcome to OpenLearn Wales

Learning for life, for work, for free. OpenLearn Wales: The home of bilingual, free learning in Wales. Ewch i open.edu/openlearncymru am gynnwys iaith Gymraeg.  

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Language of Poverty

In this audio, The Open University's Gerry Mooney discusses the language used to describe poverty in the UK with columnist and writer, Owen Jones 

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Brexit Hub

Analysis and expert commentary on Britain’s changing relationship with the European Union and the global world. 

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Money & Business 

You and your money and Brexit

How personal financial planning is influenced by, and impacts on, the external environment of social, economic and political factors, such as UK price inflation and the outcome of Brexit. 

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Can you prepare for Brexit?

With the right knowledge you can prepare for anything. Are you up to scratch on Brexit? Take our fiendish quiz to find out.

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From Brexit to the break-up of Britain?

This free course, From Brexit to the break-up of Britain?, sets the experience of Brexit in the context of the UK. It first analyses Brexit as a symptom of the political, economic and social geography of the UK, focusing on its uneven development in a country increasingly dominated by London and the South East of England. It then considers how the divisions within the UK (within England as well as between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) were reflected in the voting patterns of the 2016 referendum. Finally, the course reflects on the implications of these short-term and long-term trends for the UK’s future as a multinational state.

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12 hrs