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Your child's phone is a junk food marketer

Updated Friday 21st July 2017

There are some laws against marketing junk food to children and young people on television, but those rules don't apply online. So where do kids see junk food marketing online? Let's find out...

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Workshops on gender diversity – helping us move from insults to inclusion.

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Jen: My stressed out friend isn't eating

She doesn't want to worry her friend's parents, but Jen thinks uni has overwhelmed a mate

Children living in different settings Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Used with permission free course icon Level 2 icon

Health, Sports & Psychology 

Children living in different settings

Most children live with a parent or parents, with siblings and relatives and with family pets in the family home, but many children do not live with their parents or even with their families. They may live elsewhere through choice or necessity, but whatever the event that causes them to move away from their parents or families, the significance of moving in a child's life can be considerable. This free course, Children living in different settings, will be of interest to anyone who supports children who live away from their families in any capacity.

Free course
8 hrs

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