Britain's Great War: Download your free 'The First World War Experienced' booklet

From casualties to commemoration, explore the realities of war with this free booklet.

  • Updated Wednesday 2nd September 2015
  • Posted under World History
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Creative commons image The Open University under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license Download your free booklet about the First World War

Ever wondered why poppies are worn in November? Or just how many people fought and died in the First World War?

This free booklet provides a close-up look at some of the experiences of the First World War and its commemoration. It highlights how the war affected soldiers and civilians while it was being fought, as well as once the guns had fallen silent.

We've run out of print copies of the booklet, but you can still download the booklet to your device, to print, or to read on your PC.

The booklet was written in association with the BBC/OU co-production Britain's Great War.

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