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Bon départ: beginners' French: Track 1

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Want to learn the basics in French? The 18 audios in the album are devised for beginner learners of French and include a series of short conversations in which you will hear people greeting each other, asking how to get somewhere, asking who someone is, buying things, ordering breakfast in a café and talking about what they eat for breakfast, booking a hotel room, and using numbers and letters. There is also a track to help with pronunciation. This material forms part of The Open University course L192 Bon départ: beginners' French.

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  • Duration 30 mins
  • Updated Tuesday 23rd June 2009
  • Introductory level
  • Posted under French, Languages
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Track 1: Beginners' French Introduction

An introduction to this album of Beginner’s French lessons.

© The Open University 2009

Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Beginners' French Introduction    An introduction to this album of Beginner’s French lessons. Play now Beginners' French Introduction
2 Greetings    Various ways to say hello and goodbye. Play now Greetings
3 At the train station    How to find your way Play now At the train station
4 Checking spelling    Finding out who someone is and spelling their name Play now Checking spelling
5 Shopping    Describing and purchasing items Play now Shopping
6 Pronouncing words    Practicing pronunciations Play now Pronouncing words
7 At the cafe    Talking to the waiter Play now At the cafe
8 Paying in the cafe    Paying and tipping Play now Paying in the cafe
9 Ordering breakfast    What would you like for breakfast? Play now Ordering breakfast
10 A French breakfast    What do you normally have for breakfast? Play now A French breakfast
11 At the newsstand    How to buy a selection of items at the tabac Play now At the newsstand
12 Describing nationality    How to talk about somebody’s nationality Play now Describing nationality
13 Eating breakfast    What do you eat for breakfast? Play now Eating breakfast
14 Getting around town    Asking where something is Play now Getting around town
15 Booking a room    How to reserve a hotel room Play now Booking a room
16 Birthdays    what date is yours? Play now Birthdays
17 Introducing yourself    Communicate information about yourself Play now Introducing yourself
18 Discussing time    A conversation at the photo developer’s shop. Play now Discussing time
19 Going places    Asking how long a journey will take by car, bus or on foot. Play now Going places

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