Explore Paris

Explore the sights of the French capital with our guide to Paris

By: The OpenLearn team (Programme and web teams)

  • Duration 5 mins
  • Updated Thursday 21st June 2007
  • Introductory level
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Paris is a city of dreams, of romance and adventure. It is also the centre of elegance, fine food, beauty and culture. But it has its dark side. Its turbulent history and bloody revolution. All have left their mark on the city today. Our city insiders have picked some of the key locations in the city for you to discover - some are world-famous; others, perhaps less so. All, though, have added their own unique contribution to this fabulous city.

Paris Copyrighted image Copyright: Open2 team
  1. Belleville
  2. Café Procope
  3. Concièrgerie prison
  4. Eiffel Tower
  5. Hotel Carnavalet
  6. Jardin des Plantes
  7. Le Grand Véfour
  8. Le Lapin Agile
  9. Louvre Gallery
  10. Montorgueil market
  11. National Assembly
  12. Notre Dame de Paris
  13. Palais Royal
  14. Parc des Buttes Chaumont
  15. Paris Mosque
  16. Place de la Bastille
  17. Place des Vosges
  18. Pont Neuf
  19. Porte Saint-Denis
  20. Père Lachaise cemetery
  21. Quartier Latin
  22. Restaurant Lapérouse
  23. Shakespeare and Company Bookshop