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Neither land nor sea: Get to know the team

Updated Thursday 25th July 2013

In the third section of this Creative Climate Learning Journey, read diaries from two of the expedition team.

Below are links to the Creative Climate diaries of two of the expedition team, Johanna Wadsley and Duika Burges-Watson.

Johanna Wadsley's diary

In retrospect I can see that my interest in environmental issues originates from having been taken on camping and mountain walking holidays in England, Wales and Scotland when I was a child and teenager. Each year I resented not being able to join my friends on the Costa del Sol, but once the tents were up I loved it.  We went on these holidays because my father is Tasmanian and a serious bushwalker in his time; he wanted us to be competent in remote areas, and to share something of the respect he acquired through bushwalking in some of Tasmania’s heritage wilderness...

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Dukia Burges-Watson's diary

I grew up in Tasmania, Australia where environmental issues have been in the press and all around me since I was a young girl. I first got involved around the ‘Franklin Dam’ issue. This was a wild river in the South West of Tasmania that was going to be dammed to produce hydro-electricity...

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Activity 2: Reflections on your own engagement with the environment

Jot down some thoughts about your relationship with the environment in answer to the questions below. These questions are similar to those asked of Johanna and Duika.

  1. Is there one person, moment, place, or story you watched or heard, that got you interested in environmental issues?
  2. What matters most to you about the environment?
  3. How do you think younger people are going to be engaging with environmental issues in 1 year; 5 years and 10 years time?
  4. What makes you most optimistic, and what makes you most pessimistic about the future in relation to environmental issues?

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