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Energy House

Updated Tuesday 25th March 2008

We look at how to improve your house, and be energy saving at the same time

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Eating the planet

What impact does your diet have on the planet? Is your fast food contributing to global warming? Explore the true costs of your diet.

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The struggle to save the seabirds after the Torrey Canyon disaster

Fifty years ago [March 1967] the Torrey Canyon ran aground between Cornwall and the Isles Of Scilly, splilling over 100 million litres of crude oil into the sea. To mark the anniversary, we're reproducing an article from WWT's Wildfowl magazine, where Dr J V Beer explains how the RSPCA and WWT tried to rehabilitate wildlife caught in the disaster.

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Nuclear power - yes please?

Are we coming to terms with nuclear power - or is a push for reactors masking a need to reduce consumption?

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COP 15: The hum of expectation

Climate change conferences sound as though they’re going to be really boring, stuffy affairs. The first of our series of blogs from COP 15 suggests otherwise, however.

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Nature on the balance sheet

Are we losing nature by not putting enough value on it? Monty Don asks Tony Juniper and Bill Adams in this extended interview from Shared Planet.

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Logframe planning

As a way of thinking about projects, Logical Framework Analysis helps to focus on some key questions during the project design process. This free course, Logframe planning, improves your understanding of and practice with the structure of the logframe matrix using an animated overview with voice-over commentary followed by interactive questions relating to using the matrix.

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More than carbon sinks: Other ways forests can fight climate change

Trees can lock carbon dioxide safely out the atmosphere. But don't forget forests can cool and dampen the planet, too.

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Bird flu

Amidst a snowfall and fears of bird flu Spring is beginning to make its presence felt.

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This would be a big iceberg in the Arctic

Mark Brandon explains how icebergs are formed and how they contribute to rising sea levels.

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