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How do your ears work and what kind of sound levels can damage your hearing? The five video tracks in this album explain basic concepts such as units of noise, sound insulation and noise control. Car manufacturers like Lexus have developed the quiet car, but this kind of technology benefits the driver, not the people living beside busy roads. Locals from a Derbyshire village explain how the construction of the A50 has affected their lives. The Transport Research Laboratory analyses tyre noise on road surfaces in order to create a definitive report on the state of Britain's roads. This material forms part of T308 Environmental monitoring, modelling and control.

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Track 1: Noise Pollution

A short introduction to this album.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Noise Pollution    A short introduction to this album. Play now Noise Pollution
2 Noise Levels    A fun, easy introduction to the scale of noise pollution and what kind of exposure leaves the ear irreparably damaged Play now Noise Levels
3 Driving Out Noise    Car manufacturer Lexus insulate their trademark luxury cars, but what is the impact of 'white noise' on people living near motorways. Play now Driving Out Noise
4 Tuning Car Engines    Experts from the Motor Industry Research Association analyse and refine engine noise to reduce its effects on the driver. Play now Tuning Car Engines
5 Living With Road Noise    The people of Derbyshire village Doveridge describe how noise pollution from the A50 has changed their lives. Play now Living With Road Noise
6 The Noisiest Roads in Britain    The Transport Research Lab use a machine called Triton to measure tyre noise on all kinds of road surfaces . Play now The Noisiest Roads in Britain

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