100 in 1 day – Cape Town 2012

A citizen-driven festival of doing in Cape Town.

  • What: Neighbourhood & community
  • Who: Social movement activists
  • How: Special event
  • Scale: Local
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Copyrighted image Copyright: 100 in 1 day 100in1day - Cape Town 2013 is "about connecting people around their dreams for our community, city and society, and then playfully manifesting them together.  The concept is simple: 100 urban interventions in one day. A civil action day where people take ownership of their city and create a better place to live [...]. Culminating in a one-day citizen-driven festival of doing, 100in1Day temporarily turns a city into a citizen construction site where everything is possible to change the city for the better, illuminating a variety of needs or dreams and providing potential solutions within the city borders".

It was initiated by social movement activists and encouraged people to participate through special event. 100in1day - Cape Town 2013 was local in orientation and concerned with neighbourhood & community.

It took place on 25 May 2013.

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