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Barnet PledgeBank

Updated Friday 12th April 2013

A site operated by Barnet Council that can be used to gather together people to get projects done.

Barnet Pledgebank logo Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: London Borough of Barnet Barnet PledgeBank describes itself as a site that “can be used to gather together people to get projects done […] based on the simple principle that the person making the online pledge will work to make it happen ‘but only if’ a number of other people commit too”.

It was initiated by government and encourages people to participate through an online platform. Barnet PledgeBank is local in orientation and concerned with participation and neighbourhood & community.

It was launched in 2011 and is ongoing.

This page is part of Participation Now, a project that brings together a diverse collection of participatory public engagement initiatives with the aim of supporting exploration, learning and engagement. Explore the collection of initiatives or read more about the project.


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