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Introduction to Dyslexia and Inclusive Practice

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Introduction to Dyslexia and Inclusive Practice
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  • Course learning outcomes

    After studying this introductory module and participating in the tasks you will have an awareness of:

    • The education context in Scotland and the national agenda
    • What dyslexia is and its impact
    • Dyslexia and inclusive practice
    • Effective communication
    • How dyslexia is identified
    • Information and practical support strategies
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Course reviews

    sharlene henderson


    sharlene henderson19 September 2017 10:59

    Found this very difficult to actually take part in and wasn't very well instructed.

    Margaret Glasgow

    Review of module 1

    Margaret Glasgow15 September 2017 4:39

    Excellent content. With just a few technical difficulties to overcome, this will be a rewarding and informative course. As with one other reviewer,I am recorded as completing only 75% of module 1. I have completed the quizzes but have been unable to access course content when returning to finish the module on a different date. Once these glitches are sorted, I will be highly recommending this module.

    Mairi Rice

    Review of module

    Mairi Rice12 September 2017 5:19

    Content of the course was excellent - very informative. Just a couple of technical things; 1. When you click on a glossary term is takes you to the glossary page with the full definition - however, when you click on 'Previous' it doesn't take you to the page you were working on, as expected. 2. Is there any chance that the correct answer is displayed after completion of the quiz? 3. When you click on 'Return to module' after completing a quiz it takes you back to the top of the page of where you were which is slightly confusing - would be better if this link took you to the bottom of that page or possibly the start of the next section? Thank you for a great introduction to Dyslexia and information on Scotland's line in terms of support - can't wait to do the next module.

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2.4 out of 5 stars

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