Introduction to Dyslexia and Inclusive Practice

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Introduction to Dyslexia and Inclusive Practice
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  • Course learning outcomes

    After studying this introductory module and participating in the tasks you will have an awareness of:

    • The education context in Scotland and the national agenda
    • What dyslexia is and its impact
    • Dyslexia and inclusive practice
    • Effective communication
    • How dyslexia is identified
    • Information and practical support strategies

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Course reviews

    Sheila McCallum

    Sheila McCallum11 June 2019 7:18

    Rating entered. No review given

    Kirsten McAleese

    Introduction to dyslexia and inclusive practice

    Kirsten McAleese20 March 2019 9:43

    I found the course itself highly informative and rather challenging in some task areas, although, especially considering this course is to inform and even teach people how to present tasks and subjects in a dyslexia friendly manner, I found however, there was an information overload when presenting information online. I realise it may be my own dyspraxia and dyslexia kicking in but, as I have moved through the introduction course, I have found myself learning how to overcome the difficulties of presentation and I can now approach things in a calm manner to help me learn effectively. Making the screen bigger when viewing work online has been a fantastic help to me which makes me think I will be able to understand and help learners with dyslexia an/or other developmental problems too.

    Liz Kaldi

    Liz Kaldi14 February 2019 1:27

    Very useful and informative, but not very well-built. I couldn't see my certificate of completion, which apparently lots of people had issues with as well.

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2.9 out of 5 stars

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