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Mark Healey

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The Open University

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Succeeding in postgraduate study
This badge has been issued for participating in the free non-accredited course Succeeding in postgraduate study. The course supported demonstration of the following learning outcomes: understand the requirements and demands of academic study at Master's level; recognise and begin to apply some of the conventions of academic and reflective writing at postgraduate level; carry out a literature search around a familiar subject and cite and reference literature within a short piece of original text; compare and evaluate different arguments and perspectives on a particular issue; begin to apply critical and reflective thinking in academic and professional contexts. You can review the course at the following link: This badge does not represent formal credit or award from The Open University. It does demonstrate participation in informal learning activity.
Succeeding in postgraduate study
Users are awarded this badge when they complete the following requirement:
  • Users must complete the course"Succeeding in postgraduate study"

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Wednesday, 2 Oct 2019, 12:37
This badge was issued for completing:
  • Users must complete the course"Succeeding in postgraduate study"