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Are you ready to share your flu data?

Updated Tuesday 23rd August 2011

Are you ready to share details of your flu - or just want to see where cases are being reported?

Introduction: What is flu,
and why are we tracking it?

Currently, a great deal of information about influenza-like illnesses is not recorded, because many people treat themselves at home. It is only when cases become serious enough to be reported to a doctor that official statistics become available.

To capture some of this 'missing' data, we would like you to use the flu mapping tool below.

To do this, select the enter data button below. Anytime someone within your household has a flu-like illness, please enter your location, the start and end dates of the illness, the age of the patient and whether the illness was reported to a doctor.

The information you give us is anonymous and we do not need your exact location (the nearest public building is fine). You can enter new data any time.

Select the view data button to see all the information we currently have and how this changes over time. To do this, either use the time-line slider in the Google Earth view, or set a timescale of interest in the Google Map view. We recommend the Google Earth view.


For further information, take a look at our frequently asked questions which may give you the support you need.

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