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Author: David Wild
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David Wild on the opportunity in the wrong place, wrong time

Updated Thursday, 3rd March 2011
"This year, we won't have the problem of the World Cup but we can still have the summer sale"

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David Wild

I think probably the best example I can think of is last summer, with the World Cup, because we had a very difficult time during the World Cup because customers wanted to stay at home and watch football rather than come shopping in Halfords.  And we had a, the result of that was our sales in June were really disappointing so we had to scratch our heads and think well what can we do, and we had the idea, which seems very obvious now but it’s not something we at Halfords had done before, of having a summer sale in July, and we timed it for when the children were starting their school holidays.  So it was all about travel and touring and outdoor leisure and it was really successful.  And I think if it hadn’t been for the World Cup and the fact that we suffered in June and our sales went down, we wouldn’t have had the idea of the summer sale, and of course this year we won't have the problem of the world cup but we can still have the summer sale in July, so it’s really worked out well for us.



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