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David Wild on the right time to launch

Updated Thursday, 3rd March 2011
"You have to be slightly ahead of the customer"

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David Wild

Well the key thing you have to do is be on trend, I mean that is the important thing, and you have to be slightly ahead of the customer, you have to be slightly anticipating what the customer wants and reading the market.  That’s the way that you win.  So you don’t want to be so far ahead that the product just sits on the shelf and nobody wants it, but equally you don’t want to be fifth or sixth into the marketplace with something that every customer wants.  So the best place to be is just that little bit ahead, so you take a big market share early when the market’s small, and then you try and hang onto that big market share as the market grows.  That’s what we did with satellite navigation devices.  We were in the market early, we took a big market share, and as the market grew we held that market share and we grew with the market, and that’s the best thing you can do.



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