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Fiona Ellis-Chadwick on... advertising and marketing in transition

Updated Thursday, 14th October 2010
The OU's Fiona Ellis-Chadwick on how advertising and marketing is in transition and what a company can do to deal with this

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Fiona Ellis-Chadwick

Advertising and marketing is in transition, and what I mean by this is traditional media was about, is about interrupting our lives, interrupting what we’re doing so we hear the message.  New media is about creating a dialogue, it’s a permission-based relationship from which things can develop. 

To communicate in this arena you need to understand the challenges, and that’s knowing and watching where your potential customers are, what kind of platforms are they using; are they using SMS, are they online, is it the website, is it blogs?  And once you’ve done your research you still need to understand and use traditional marketing concepts to get the message right. When you get the message right you need a balance between the traditional media and the new media, and at that point you can join the conversation. 

That’s my view, you can join the debate with the Open University.




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