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Gareth Price's story

Updated Monday 29th November 2010

Explore the personal side of climate change with Gareth Price's diary entry.

Name: Gareth Price
Organisation: Transition Decade, Australia
Role: Convenor
Webpage: //

What first triggered your interest in environmental issues?

I love dressing up as the Green Hornet.

I had greenie parents, both of whome helped defeat a major golf course extension, illegally thu community action and a legal challenge.

My mother went on to council and had a influential effect on recycling, bushland prtection and establishing the 1st surburban mall in Lane Cove, Sydney.

I joined a enviromental club at my High School.

The wilderness battles of Tasmania were happening then, so I joined the Wilderness Society in my teens.

My father aws an outdoorsey type who took us camping, bushwalking, kiyaking, surfing and cross-country skiing.

What are you working on, concerned by, or motivated by at the moment?

n the twilight of my Uni studies focusing on community development and sustainabile futures, I have become drawn into a a national movement calling for Transition Decade of change to push the loggjammed political system along with 2years assigned to networking and building politcal inertia. then anothe 2 years of policy design and formulation (inclusive , participatory not top-down) and the final period the heavy lifting of policy implementation...action..mmm that would be nice....

What do you anticipate working on, or thinking about, in relation to environmental issues over the next 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years?

The above,,.... and the Community gardens and local energy systems...and feed myself and my block! MMM a 'block party' that continues day and night...

Also create a greener way of finding financial independence ....involving social networking, recurring income and green-socially reponsible healthy products.

How optimistic or pessimistic are you as you look at where we might be in 2020, and why?

I must remain positive to continue to be effective in leading people into the changes they must go thru, either wiilingly now or unwillingly later....

Tell your story in your own words.

Hi greenies,

its ur ole pal the green hornet come to tell u how to survive going to the green wash gar wash...

It all happened the other day after taking my bio-deisel suzuki to the acr wash after taering up the sensitive eco znes of the local private golf course...of corse...The greens, especially the 18th, had left its mark and the town burgers would have issued a fatwa to get my mobile filth off the road of our pristine eco-tourism honeypot (Noosa Heads, queensland, Oz) ..So I rather unwillingly bowed to cultural values and consumrist tendencies and went to the local green wash..ur I mean car wash which tells all that it recycles all its h2o and so they do.

After removing the days hard work i parked out the back and did the vacuuming so the princess xina of my world would be happy. Well the Green Hornet was musing over the impacts of cars and the green washing of the powerful Auto-industry and its green add (madd) men and what will they produce in their ongoing battle with my green team.

Washing in the eco-soup was heartening especially for all the down stream fishies and biomasses. Was it just window dressing in a petro-chemical nightmare?

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